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Which Toys Are Worth Money? Invest in your child’s future

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Any toy that stimulates a child’s motor or mental abilities is definitely a valuable investment, not in the toy itself but in the child’s future. Still, a child’s future is not only about their abilities and achievements in life. It has to be congruous with their natural surroundings and social life, too.

Thus, we need toys that help our children develop their abilities, become social beings and at the same time take care of their environment. I think the response to this question is now clear.

My Wooden Blocks - Toys Worth Money


Definitely Wooden Toys

People are natural beings so they have to live in accordance with it, obey it and respect it. Nature gives us the best products and if we ruin it, we won’t hurt only nature, but we will hurt ourselves, our future and the future of our children. Therefore, we have to keep an open eye, preserve nature, ditch artificial objects and recycle the already existing ones.

Why wooden toys?

My Wooden Blocks - Safety


✔Safety is the first and the top characteristic of wooden products. First of all, natural products do not contain toxic substances. In this respect, it is perfectly safe for our youngest ones from the day they are born.

Another thing is that playing with wooden toys mostly requires human assistance, so our little ones become aware of the social importance, teamwork and making friends.

The last thing about safety is that wood is perfectly safe for our environment. In most cases, wooden toys are zero waste products, which means that all that is left in their production is used for something else. Wooden manufacturers always try to keep the natural toys as natural as possible by conforming to toy safety standards such as certified non-toxic paints.

My Wooden Blocks - Durability

The durability of wooden products has been proven by the most important test, which is the human experience. People have been witnessing that wooden products can last for our lifetime and even longer.

Let’s leverage this characteristic, use wooden products and pass them on to succeeding generations. On one hand, we will raise thrifty and careful children and on the other, we will teach them the importance of nature. This way, our future generations learn to be careful not only with money but with nature, too.

My Wooden Blocks - Eco-Friendly

Even when it comes to their disposal, wood is a natural product which means it is eco-friendly and biodegradable, so there is no need to worry if they are left out to decompose. They will definitely decompose without polluting or disturbing the natural balance.

My Wooden Blocks - Bio-degradable

Wood as a natural product is sustainable, of course, if it comes from sustainably managed forests. People are becoming aware of the importance of sustainability and renewable natural materials. The world is justifiably worried about the future of our planet and what we are leaving to future generations.

My Wooden Blocks - Sustainability

Passing down toys to younger generations, buying used wooden toys and taking care of them will prevent more wood from being cut to make new toys. Also, planting trees can help the sustainability of the wood that we use. We have to give back what we have taken from nature.


The Choice of Wood

There are many sorts of wood used in the wooden industry, but one has to be cautious when it comes to children’s toys. Pine, maple, beech and cherry are the most used wooden materials in toy making.

My Wooden Blocks - Pine wood

Pine wood is easy to process, therefore it’s convenient for toy makers. One has to be careful when they buy pine wood toys because pine wood splinters. It has to be well processed, sanded and smooth. However, splintering can be prevented by painting. This means that pine wood toys are suitable for older kids who know to be careful in their play.

My Wooden Blocks - Linden Wood

Linden or basswood produces soft and easily worked timber, which has very little density. Its lightweight is a good property when a lightweight toy is desired. Therefore, it is suitable for younger children or children with special needs. Also, due to its weight, it is convenient to ship elsewhere. This kind of wood is also acoustic, which makes them appropriate for sound toys.

Hardwood like oak, ash, beech, birch, maple and sycamore are good choices. They are hard and don’t splinter. Their density is higher than softwood which means they are more hard-wearing and durable. Hardwood grows slowly and it takes time for them to reach the industry. These characteristics indicate that products made of hardwood are of greater quality and therefore more expensive.

My Wooden Blocks - Tree Choice

Finally, beechwood may be said to top up all the hardwood properties by being antibacterial. It is the best choice for a baby’s first toy, teethers and toys that are being left unpainted, natural. They should only be wiped with a cloth damped in a natural apple or grape vinegar and water solution in a ratio of 1:10.


Design – Colour or Natural

Hundreds of different quality and design toys are offered in stores nowadays. When you have chosen your toy, wood type now decide about the design.

My Wooden Blocks - Wooden Teethers

The first toys should be natural, colourless,  processed as little as possible and made of a single piece of wood. No glueing, nailing or any kind of attachments are allowed for the smallest ones, as they first sense their toys with their sense of taste.

For older kids, after the tasting period has ended, toys are more enticing if they are painted. Colours make their imagination joyful.

My Wooden Blocks - Wooden Toy Train

However, if you ask me, I would always choose plain, natural wooden toys. The reason for this choice is that kids love their own designs, so why should we model them with someone else’s imagination. Let them develop their own taste in colours, let them try out their abilities in art and they will adore their new toy. Moreover, they will have their own unique toys.


Educational Benefits and Entertainment

Balance is the key element of our lives. The same goes for toys. They have to create a balance between education and entertainment otherwise if one element is overshadowing the other, the overall result won’t be effective.

For us, as parents, the educational component is obligatory. It has to help our children develop as many skills as possible. As soon as gross motor skills are mastered, fine motor skills take over and are practised for a long. Alongside motor skills, mental abilities are developed congruous. Cognitive, social and emotional development are simultaneous. Communication and language start developing at very early stages. The fact that we don’t understand them doesn’t mean that they do not communicate. They do communicate but they use the language they know at that stage of their life.

My Wooden Blocks - Educational Benefit and Entertainment

As for children, the most important element is entertainment. Play is their most important work and their roles in the play are very serious. And yes, even from our point of view, it is significant because they learn through play. A mitigating fact is that children find almost all toys entertaining, which means that parents can choose the educational ones taking into consideration the age of the children.


Final Choice

Investment in wooden toys is not the investment in the toys themselves. It means that you invest in your child’s healthy way of development, mental and physical development in a healthy social and natural environment. This way you ensure a healthy future for your offspring.

If you are considering buying new toys, these guidelines may be helpful. In case you already have any kind of toys, either artificial or natural material toys, you may want to use them again, donate them or recycle them. Just don’t throw away plastic toys and thus additionally pollute our already polluted nature.

Finally, the more expensive toy doesn’t necessarily mean it is of greater quality. Again keeping the balance, even between quality and price, is the best choice.

My Wooden Blocks - Balance

Balance is the centre where one feels good.


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