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Choosing the Right Toys for Your Kids Sounds Simple, Right?

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Having a baby is the most wonderful and important event in one’s life! It carries its own sweet difficulties in making choices and decisions, including choosing the right toys. Nine months in natural surroundings, enclosed in their mom’s belly, babies know nothing else but warmness and safety.

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When they finally arrive, they are scared of anything unknown and unnatural. They tend to cling to their mother as the most familiar figure, not because they recognize her, but because they feel they belong there, by her side.

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Babies do not think, they sense things. That is exactly why their first tangible object, when they arrive, should be something they can feel, something warm, made of natural elements. But is it as simple as it sounds?


Trust Yourself and Your Choices

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One of the first choices that having a baby carries with itself, apart from choosing a name and baby clothes, is choosing their first toy. When confronted with the sea of toys in toy stores new parents usually get very confused. It often ends with an appealing toy that first gets into their eyes or the toy offered by the assistant, that parents usually believe knows more than them because, of course, she works in a toy store.

In this venture, trust no one but yourself! No one wishes your child better than you do! I am sure you are already aware of the importance of nature in our children’s vicinity. In this world unknown to newborns, they should be given a natural, warm choice instead of the cold artificial one which would only add to their uncertainty and fear. Babies make connections with everything that seems natural to them, which means they will also make a connection with their first toy.

Proud parents have to choose their first toys wisely and carefully. It must not be the first age-suitable toy offered by a shop assistant. Adults look at this matter differently, they make it complicated by overthinking. Instead, parents should try to think simply, naturally, choosing the toy that looks the most natural, the cleanest, without heavy processing and chemistry in their production.


Encourage Exploration with Nature

The texture of different types of wood is unique especially if the toy is plain, left uncoloured and natural. Touching such different natural textures evokes different sensations in the baby’s body and mind. It conjures their wish to explore and get to know more unfamiliar things in this, to them, strange world.

On the contrary, artificial toys are made with the same, smooth, cold and shiny texture which does not make them inquire but rather leaves them with the idea of sameness and unwillingness to explore.

Inspecting the unknown is of great importance for young minds. It encourages curiosity and discovery. It further leads to the development of imagination, creativity and talent. Children have to be motivated to explore and experiment in order to find out what they like and what they want. In this way, they become confident as they get to know the new world in more detail.

The more they know about it the more courageous they become and the fear of the unknown is gradually diminishing.


Relax While Your Infant is Engaged in a Safe Play

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No kid is neat and tidy from the beginning. They do not put away their toys after playing with them. They rather leave them scattered all over the house, and in that way, the toys can easily get damaged and further hurt someone.

Safety is also one of the indubitable reasons for your wooden choice. Such toys are durable, and almost unable to break, so if the toy is of the right size, there is no need to worry about the small parts. Be careful to choose the toy for the right age and avoid any inconveniences that might happen.

Due to their durability, they can be inherited and passed from generation to generation and they will still retain their shape and naturalness. This means that wooden choice is also economic and makes a memorable, long-lasting gift.

Even when it is time to buy a new toy, you do not have to think much about the disposal of the old one. Since they are natural, they can be returned to mother nature without fear of a bad impact on the environment.


Give Them a Chance to Show Off

My Wooden Blocks - Kids as Builders

While modern toys with music and visual effects give children very limited play as everything is already there, no need to strain their brains to make, combine or build, wooden toys usually make them think, bring out their creativity to design and invent new things. Their active play becomes a real mindful job. Children become designers, architects, builders, inventors, and real scientists while trying to express their imagination through their play with wooden toys.

Their play is a serious matter! It develops motor and mental skills. Unlike synthetic toys, which do not require companions for play, wooden toys strengthen social skills as they always welcome a playmate. Social skills are very low these days and it is a matter that should be seriously dealt with.

Kids need other kids, they need to cooperate in their games in order to learn to share, and practice tolerance and teamwork. These are important life skills that they will need throughout their lives. 



I hope this text has given you an idea of the significance of nature in children’s hands.

With wooden toys, cleanliness is not strictly in their hands but also all around them as such toys are eco-friendly, zero waste, reusable and biodegradable.

These are just a few reasons, but enough to decide to give your child the best at the earliest start. Your choice will be indubitably rewarded with the kids’ development of physical as well as mental skills while having a nice companion in their creative imaginary world. 

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2 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Toys for Your Kids Sounds Simple, Right?”

  1. Thanks for pointing out how wooden blocks are excellent toys for your children since they expand their creativity. My friend is looking into purchasing toys for their growing cousin next year. I believe that finding educational toys, such as blocks, is a good idea for their growth.

    1. Hello Zachary,
      Thank you for taking interest in my article. Natural toys are equally important for our children’s health and also for the environment they live in. In order to be healthy, we have to have a healthy environment, too. Apart from healthiness, building blocks develop many life-needed skills and enhance brain development. They are open-ended kind of games which mean there are no fixed solutions which further means that they are universal for the age or gender.
      If I can be of any further help, please write back.
      Best wishes in New Year!

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