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About My Wooden Blocks and Its Creators


Welcome to My Wooden Blocks, the guide to healthy growing up with natural Eco toys.

We are Nevena & Milos, the proud parents of the two kids who grew up mostly playing with Eco wooden toys. We are very much concerned about the health of our kids, so we started making Eco wooden toys the moment they were born. Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience and now we want to share it with you. We hope you can greatly leverage our knowledge and our site.



Before we decided to have kids we had been researching a lot about healthy lifestyle habits. We started with spending our free time in nature instead of in cafes. The next step was healthy food, usually from the woods and not the “healthy” food packed in plastic from the big chain stores. This way our minds were totally transformed. We started thinking in a very different way from the surrounding people. We were looked at as a couple of weirdos, which we, honestly, were never concerned about at all. 

When our daughter was on her way, my husband bought a piece of pinewood plank and made his first wooden toy. It was a wooden fish. It consisted of six parts, connected through the middle with a rope so that those six parts could revolve around it. We wanted it plain, without any colour because she would use it as a baby.

For his next projects, my husband started using other smoother and lighter timber. Later on, when we wanted to add some colour, we had trouble finding the colours that would suit our Eco product. Even that was solved because we were determined for the sake of our child. We started cooperation with a producer of Eco, aqua-based, certified colours. And this was the start of sharing our experience and products.

Our customers were mostly like-minded parents and kindergarten owners. Our small business lasted for several years. We started it as a hobby but had to stop it because our primary jobs took us the other path. Anyway, our kids have always had the best, unique, natural, wooden, Eco, healthy toys to play with.

In addition to having natural toys, our kids also need a healthy natural environment. Owing wood to nature, we have started planting trees from the moment we started making wooden toys.



Our mission here is to share our experience and knowledge, and give as much information as we can about products that can be found and bought online. We are truly concerned about the future of our kids, helping them grow healthy and happy in a clean environment. We have always had a passion to help anyone on this planet including animals and nature. Together, we can make it!

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Our goal is to see kids smiling happily. As mentioned above, we can achieve it if we live in harmony with nature. Nature gives us a lot and that is exactly why we need to take care of her. We have to teach our kids the importance of natural elements and nature itself.

Choose wisely for your kids and take care of the most important element of our planet, NATURE!

We hope you will enjoy and find our blogs at useful.

All the best,

Nevena & Milos



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