Wooden Train Sets Kids Will Go Mad About

Amazing toys for their favourite holiday! Simple but perfect! Check out the ideas for toys that meet high quality and educational standards while at the same time keeping the environment clean for our children’s future well-being.

It’s not only about the toys, it is also about preserving the environment that we will leave to our children. Every single tree counts because one large tree produces a daily supply of oxygen for up to four people.

Thus, carefully choose not only a toy but also a manufacturer that takes care of the material they use and the production itself. The production process may pollute the environment as well. So take these three items into consideration when choosing the right toy

Let’s commit to our children’s safe future and make them happy at the same time! I have written a lot about it and given a lot of suggestions that meet all the aforementioned criteria, so you may scroll through my site. There must be something for everyone’s taste.

Wooden Train Sets Kids Will Go Mad About

Children love playing with trains. They love building railroads and riding trains all along. Their imagination makes it possible to be an engine driver, take action and make decisions.

Creativity, imagination and dexterity are very much involved and perfected in this play.

This particular wooden train set kids will go mad about is not only a set of trains and rails. It is a whole city indeed. Children can choose a lot of roles to play in this game and not just engine drivers.

Wooden Train Set

First of all, children have to put on a role of an engineer, to build a city around the rail. They can use building blocks and set up important structures like police stations, hospitals, fire stations and schools. Younger children will need help with putting up important traffic signs in their places. Use this opportunity to explain the importance of traffic signs and their places.

Nature is another significant element that adds value to this amazing set. Trees and a lake puzzle with magnetic fish make the whole city look like a real one. Children can even fish with two magnetic rods and thus practice motor skills.

Skills Involved

Gross and fine motor skills are obvious along with cognitive abilities. Emotional development goes with their satisfaction with the final result they make. To make it complete, they need friends who will play the other roles in the city, thus practising social skills.

The most important abilities that they develop through this kind of play are real-life skills. They will need them the most in their future choice of career and life itself.

Real-life skills include problem-solving, decision-making, logical thinking and taking initiative. These are some of the most valuable skills that they will utilize in their lives.

Wooden City


The good thing about this set is that it is compatible with other train sets like Brio, Thomas and friends and Ikea, which means that if you already have one of these sets, you can enlarge your collection and make an even bigger city which will be more enticing.


Tiny Land manufactures quality and safe wooden toys. They are dedicated to using only natural materials avoiding toxic additional elements. The wooden train set has passed very strict laboratory tests and requirements in the USA.

This all means that your baby will have a perfectly safe play with this fantastic train set! No need to worry about durability, toxic materials or sharp edges.

Railway Safety


Tiny Land Wooden Train Set, consisting of 110 pieces is a toy worth the money. With money well spent, children’s satisfaction and their safe and healthy play, what more could one wish for?

Well, there is one thing I am concerned about. I am sure about the natural material and its safety. With so many skills involved, this toy is at the top of my list. The only thing that Tiny Land doesn’t mention is where the wood they use come from.

It is very important to take care not only of what children play with but also of the environment they live in. We should take care of each tree because wood is our oxygen manufacturer. Without wood and oxygen, no one stands a chance.

This is how this toy ranks on my scale 2/3:

✔ natural material and safety

✔ skills involved

❔ sustainably managed forests


You can find out more on how to choose toys that are worth money on this link.

One tree produces a daily supply of oxygen for about 4 people.

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